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Brake Pad Replacement and Repairs

Everybody knows that the brakes on your car perform a vital function in keeping you and your family safe on the road. Yet many people don’t have the brakes and brake systems in their cars checked regularly. They either wait for a warning light to start flashing on the dashboard or for that awful grinding noise to start. This is dangerous.

Bosch Brake Service

At Bosch Car Service Auto Superior Randburg, we are trained to inspect your entire braking system and provide you with advice on the state of your brake pads and discs (rotors). We go through a comprehensive checklist making your journeys safer. 

  • The brake pad thickness is assessed to determine if they need to be replaced
  • The thickness and surface area of the brake discs (rotors) are also measured to verify that they are within manufacturers specifications
  • The brake callipers and brake wear sensors are inspected
  • The ABS systems and sensors are examined
  • The brake fluid condition and levels are checked
  • The brake hydraulic system is tested

On-Car Disc Skimming

If the brake discs (rotors) have been damaged by the pads, then it is possible to skim the surface of the disc (rotor). We have the expertise and equipment to carry out this service without having to strip the discs and send them away.

Brake Fluid System

It is imperative that the brake fluid system is examined frequently. Over time, the fluid becomes contaminated by dirt, dust and moisture, which reduces its effectiveness. The brake fluid must be flushed and replaced at least once a year.

Bosch Brake Pads and Discs (Rotors)

At Bosch Car Service Auto Superior Randburg we only use quality Bosch Brake Pads and Discs (Rotors) so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

The best workshops maintain the value of your vehicle in the long run. This is why we fit Bosch parts wherever possible. Bosch Parts are made to quality standards, which means your vehicle is fitted with the same quality parts it would have been originally built with. Bosch parts carry a 6-month warranty.

We offer a 6-month, 15 000km warranty on our workmanship. As members of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry), AA and MIO (Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa), we confidently provide our clients with true peace of mind.

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