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Why is This So Important?

Car Airconditioning Service

Getting the air-conditioning unit in your car checked regularly is important. Car air-conditioning units are one of those technical components that often get neglected and then only once they stop working do they demand attention. Often after realising that the car’s air-con is not working, the knee jerk reaction is to pull off the road when you spot one of those signs offering air-con regas. Yes, you will probably get the gas topped up and be on your way in a jiffy…..but our advice is DON’T.

Why You Should Get your Aircon Serviced by Professionals

  1. The majority of people have absolutely no idea how their car engine works and the same is true for the air conditioning system. You were probably not aware that it is made up of several parts namely the compressor, evaporator, condenser and tubes and piping. These are mechanical parts which are subject to normal wear and tear and possible malfunction.
  2. The aircon is manufactured to operate at certain gas pressures which need to be carefully monitored by diagnostic equipment whenever regassing takes place. Over pressurising the system will result in gas leaks and mechanical failure.
  3. Car manufacturers specify different aircon systems with differing service requirements. At Bosch, we have the necessary technical data available on hand to accurately service your car’s airconditioner.
  4. The gas contains oil which lubricates the internal workings and prevents corrosion. The gas and oil are set at a certain ratio to operate efficiently. Without the proper equipment it is not possible to measure this. During a professional service this oil is carefully extracted and replaced.
  5. Air conditioning systems are notorious for breeding fungus and bacteria which are harmful when breathed in. The pollen/cabin filters also need to be cleaned to ensure that the air coming into the car is fresh and uncontaminated.
  6. There are a variety of other components which are directly and indirectly associated with your car’s air conditioner. The operation of these need to be checked:

– drive belts and pulleys which may need to be tightened
– valves and thermostats
– piping system lines and components leak testing
– visual inspection of hoses and components
– the temperature of the cooled air

Bosch Expertise

At Bosch Car Service Auto Superior Randburg we use the correct professional air-conditioning regas and diagnostic equipment to ensure that we can successfully check your car’s entire air-con subsystem and all the associated components.

The best workshops maintain the value of your vehicle in the long run. This is why we fit Bosch parts wherever possible. Bosch Parts are made to quality standards, which means your vehicle is fitted with the same quality parts it would have been originally built with. Bosch parts carry a 6-month warranty.

We offer a 6-month, 15 000km warranty on our workmanship. As members of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry), AA and MIO (Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa), we confidently provide our clients with true peace of mind.

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