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Turbocharger Repair or Replacement?

At Bosch Car Service Auto Superior Randburg, we undertake turbocharger repairs and replacement for both petrol and diesel engines. In our experience we have seen a lot of fairly common turbo problems which could have been prevented with some simple preventative maintenance. The truth is most people are unaware of exactly what they should be doing to extend the life of their car’s turbocharger.

This article provides some insight for motorists to recognise the warning signs when the turbo begins to give trouble as well as some advice on how to protect and extend the life of your turbo.

Signs Your Turbocharger is Potentially Failing

Bosch Genuine Turbo Charger - Bosch Auto SuperiorThere are several early warning signs that your turbocharger is beginning to fail as follows:

  • Your vehicle’s performance becomes sluggish and the responsiveness is not what it should be
  • Distinct loss of power
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • A very distinct high pitched whining sound is a clear indication the turbo is in trouble

If your turbocharger shows any of these symptoms or does break down please stop your car as soon as possible to prevent engine damage. Get in touch with us immediately and we will assist you.

Tips To Protect Your Turbocharger

Here are some practical steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your turbocharger:

  • Regular engine oil change
    – As the oil gets older it accumulates carbon build up and other contamination which makes the oil increasingly abrasive. So rather than lubricating the working parts of the turbo the oil begins to scratch the surfaces which causes long term damage. The turbo mechanism spins at high speed and dirty oil negatively affects the performance. Our recommendation is to change your engine oil more frequently than normal. This is especially important for diesel engines.
  • Always allow your engine to warm up in the morning particularly in cold weather. This allows the oil to begin to flow and lubricate all the working parts effectively.
  • When you arrive at your destination, always let your engine idle for approximately 30 seconds before switching off. This gives the turbo a chance to spin down while there is still sufficient oil flow present to provide lubrication. The opposite happens when the ignition is turned off without idling – the oil pump stops immediately cutting off oil flow which causes excessive wear and tear thereby shortening the life of the turbo.

At Bosch Car Service Auto Superior Randburg we provide turbocharger repair and/or replacement services which include:

  1. Stripping and fully assessing the damage to the turbo and all the working parts. Diagnose the root cause of the problem.
  2. Safely repair and refurbish the damaged parts.
  3. If the turbo is irreversibly damaged, we will replace it with Original Equipment Specification (OES) parts.

When replacing or repairing a turbocharger we always ensure the turbo boost pipes are thoroughly cleaned out. This also applies to the intercooler (if it is fitted). We always replace the engine oil and the oil filter. This includes an engine flush to ensure all the old oil is effectively removed.

We highly recommend a full sump service is also carried out. This includes removing the sump and checking for sludge in the oil pickup and resealing the sump.

Call us today 086 108 8884 if you are unsure if your turbocharger is functioning properly.



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